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Revue protestante de culture

Since its launch in 1898 by Paul Doumergue, Foi&Vie (Faith and Life) has sought to articulate Protestant convictions and questions of society, a commitment to Scripture and contemporary expressions of culture. As such, the review played a role both in introducing Barthism into France and in diffusing the thinking arising from the Social Christianity movement. This was a paradox, given the strident theological battles of the time, which has been removed in today’s more peaceful Protestant intellectual context. In its own way over the years, Foi&Vie has sought to build bridges, and its influences are easily identifiable: Kierkegaard, Karl Barth, Pierre Maury, Jean Bosc, Jacques Ellul, Gabriel Vahanian … Each of these have recognized their considerable intellectual and spiritual debt to those who have gone before. Whether in electronic or paper form, Foi&Vie has always maintained a clear editorial line : seeking to draw deeply on the Gospel of grace, echoing the most lively movements within Protestant culture, while also grappling with the most incisive questions posed by today’s society.